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My First Staff of Esculapius Pendant: This is the prototype pendant that lead to the founding of this company (please see Our Story) and is the reason for this website today. It reflects the significance of the Staff of Esculapius medical symbol with a simplistic design consisting of a  solid 14K gold smooth staff and serpent, and was originally made from a drawing on a piece of paper almost 40 years ago in 1982. At that time, I was a first-year medical student, and my first-year dental student friends were carving teeth out of wax and casting them in gold.  drew what I wanted on a piece of paper and had a dental student carve from wax and cast a pendant.   I am wearing the same gold pendant, made 41 years ago, as I type this description.  I love how its "organic" design represents the significance of the wearer's profession.

1983 Prototype Staff of Asclepius

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