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Looped Bail Staff of Asklepios is one of my favorite pendants due to its unique one-of-a-kind designs and the way the serpent separates but is still attached. The idea for the creation of the Looped Bail manifested while I was carving the "Topped Staff" pendant. I wanted a pendant that could hang naturally due to its design, so I "pulled" the serpent away from the staff on the back side in order for the leather or chain necklace to pass between the serpent and the staff. Making the section proportionate and esthetically pleasing was difficult. I started the wax carving in October 2019, and had a final product by the end of November. Be sure to maximize the photos of this piece to appreciate the pendant's intricate details. This Staff of Asclepius pendant comes with Greek natural leather cord for those who want an organic look.

Loop Bail Serpent

$175.00 Regular Price
$122.50Sale Price
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