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Staff Jewelry

Me polishing a serpent for a Staff of Asclepius

"If we could somehow transform an ancient Greek or Roman through time to modern-day America, one of the few things he would understand is that the serpent surrounding a staff, whether worn as on a hat, T-shirt, jacket, or jewelry, would tell him that here was a man or woman of the healing profession – a person who would treat his wounds or sickness when no one else could."

James L Wagner MD

Welcome to our online shop. I am Jimmy Wagner, a semi-retired Emergency Medicine doctor. This site brings to life a dream I've had for 41 years, since my med school days in 1982—a dream I started with my dad and brother, who I wish could see it today. We offer custom jewelry and apparel featuring the Staff of Asclepius, a symbol close to my heart.


Please look around and reach out with any questions. Also, you may want to check our other website.

Thanks for stopping by,

Jimmy Wagner

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